Teacher Training For Preschools


We offer several diploma courses including :
Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE)
N.T.T Nursery Teacher Training
Montessori Teacher Training
Pre Primary Teacher Training
Pre Primary Teacher Training
Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Preschool marks the beginning phase of formal education in a child’s life. These years are extremely sensitive and significant in terms of physical, psychological and all other aspects of growth of the child. It is therefore essential that the preschool teachers must be trained to provide education in the correct way. The education that the teachers receive has a direct and indirect impact on the way they deliver it to the kids. Similarly, the education that the kids receive has an implementation on the further education. It is also important that the certification should be from an approved institution. Most of the curriculums have made certifications mandatory for preschool teachers. Similarly, teachers are also required to undergo trainings to update their skills and knowledge with respect to the curriculum. We are preschool consultants and provide guidance for teachers training programs in India.

These teacher training sessions are for varied durations with preschool teacher training modules, usually short length and involve interactive workshops and learning strategies. It benefits the teacher as an individual and in turn also benefits the institution. The workshops involve activities that help the teachers to understand each child as an individual and also understand their interests and capabilities. The training program also teaches about various learning aids and their applications. There are sessions on curricular and extracurricular activities and the methodologies to teach them. Other activities that training program covers refers to the academic and co-academic work. Planning and executing lessons, study of methods to document and assess the progress of each child and plan the further course of teaching are some of them. The training also teaches the teachers to plan and carry out meetings and discussions with parents. Other than teaching, the teachers learn to understand and accept the children and work on their strengths and weaknesses. This reflects in the performance of the school. We are consultants for montessori preschool teacher training and provide services for excellent preschool teacher training programs in India.



Early childhood education courses : 

The teaching profession is truly a noble one. There is so much to give to the little budding students. The early childhood course focuses on educating children in a stress free manner. Little children need the utmost care and concern. Extending the concepts of general knowledge to them in a practical as well as fun loving way is a form of art. We offer the best in early childhood care and education courses in Mumbai. It is desired that you call on us to understand the syllabus we offer as we have included the best in the training via practical skills and theory lessons. The use of technology is well initiated in the course. Also, the subtle skills on how to handle separation anxiety in the early days of school are also addressed in the program.
Our expert trainers offer best teacher training diploma courses across Indian including :

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The course is indeed comprehensive. The importance of child care, hygiene as well as nutrition is also taken in consideration. The basic course also includes the methods of phonics, language development and artistic talents which can be used to express ideas. The course is conducted by leading faculties who have the art as well as ability due to their rich experience in childhood education. Teaching young children requires skills, patience as well as tact which are also expressed in the course.

The course aims at professional grooming. There are several challenges in this industry pertaining to childhood education. Certainly, able teachers are able to the stride forward and gain success. A good course is the one which aims at practical hands-on learning along with theory lessons. This also gives the learners the edge to bring out their creative talents which can be used constructively to go ahead in the career. The interactive lesson plans add more confidence to learning. Individual attention and proper focus is the aim of the course developed and imparted by us. Do call for more details.