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Attractive colors and shapes always is popular with students especially when they are toddlers. Preschool trends suggest that vibrant colors in kits are the best way to keep children interested. We have amazing school kits in Mumbai including bags, sipper bottles, diaries, etc. We supply high quality material in plastics and our safe kits are very popular among our schools. We have excellent new inclusion that is trendy and non-toxic. Our modern ideas in bags are lovable with cartoon motifs and very reliable zippers and handles. A professional image is engineered with the best quality and logo branding in all our supplies.

We have updated new ideas in preschool kits with curriculum. Our syllabus is very easy to understand. Moreover, it helps the teachers to program themselves well with a presentation and hence the preparation time is cut down. Focus is the key in all our content and it is great to know that the curriculum is up to date with the latest trends and works so well for all kinds of age groups. We have customized sets, which you can choose and adopt for your preschool and grade depending on the size and requirement. The kits are suited to modern methods of teaching.

Our kits are comprehensive and you can choose term wise kits that will suit your need. We have coloring sheets, color pencils as well as crayons and a range of boxes to keep the stationery. Branding them with your logo is simple task, which we can adhere too. We have the best items and we can have preschool kits with your school logo. Quality is what we work on and we keep updating the items as per new trends in the academic year. New styles in lunch boxes, logo engraved hand kerchiefs as well as badges can also be conceptualized.

School tiffins : The best in tiffin boxes is now available with us. Preschool standards are high and branding is a unique way to add marketing and promotional benefits. A neat set of a variety of kits also includes the tiffin box. Neat sets in vibrant colors are the best way to add excitement to the school kit of little preschoolers. We offer compartmentalized tiffin box for school with logo is our specialty. We also have stacked tiffin boxes for field trips and outings and they are complete with plastic molded fork and spoon sets. The closure is easy and ensures to align with the motor skills of children.

Preschool Aprons for kids : We have the best quality aprons for preschool children which is not at all messy. We have the ones with Velcro finishing which is easy to attach and detach. But at the same time we also have a reliable and smart stock in vibrant colors for the traditional style of apron with  a large pocket. The stitch and the quality of thread used is high and we can source it for you at reasonable rates.