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Procedure for starting a Play school in India

You can start a play school in India either by opting for a franchise opportunity or you can think of opening a play school of your own. For starting a franchise school, you need to conduct a thorough research on various opportunities that are available, weigh the pros and cons of the opportunity and then decide. However, it is always better to invest the capital and efforts to start a brand of your own than to work for any other brand.

If you have decided to start your own play school, you need to understand the play school requirements and proceed ahead with the step by step procedure. The two essentials that are required to get started are a capital and space. Depending on the curriculum that you wish to adopt for your playschool, you need to plan for the site; infrastructure and accordingly you need to invest money. The location that you select should suffice the basic requirements of classrooms, office and play area. With the basic infrastructure, school plan and curriculum, you can proceed to clear the documentation work.

This includes the approvals and NOCs from various authorities. This includes the Municipal Corporation, education board officials, health department and some more depending in the locality where the school needs to be started. If you are planning to expand the institute in the near future, it is advisable to register a trust or a society before you apply for approvals. This facilitates the business.

When you create the school brand and work on the curriculum, you also need to finalize the vision and mission for your brand. These are the key requirements for your marketing strategy and help you effectively present your brand. To frame the curriculum, it is recommended that you consult experts from the education field and also carry out a review of the curriculum that is offered by other play schools in your vicinity.

After completing the documentation and brand formation, you can modify the infrastructure to set up a play school. This includes setting up the classrooms, play area and arranging the furniture and equipments. You can also create an environment friendly school set up. Arranging for appropriate safety measures is a necessity. The next step is hiring trained and experienced staff members. These include teachers, coordinators, and domestic help to begin with. The teachers must essentially have a caring attitude and must be devoted to teaching.

Lastly, you can go in for promotion and advertising. This can be done through websites, newsletters, and flyers and also through local channels. Once you start with advertising, you need to be available to interact with parents and convince them about the efficiency of your brand. Nowadays transport facility and snacks in school is a trend and you need to set up that too. A day care attached to the school is also in great demand and you can make those provisions too.

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