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Curriculum for playgroup, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten 1 & Kindergarten 2.

Kindergarten (KG) constitutes two important years in the academic development of a child. Playschool is the phase where the child is introduced to the school environment and learning through fun activities. After play school, the Kindergarten years of Junior KG and Senior KG introduce the kids to formative education that still retains the learn through fun aspect. However, it is in these years that children are actually groomed for primary education.  Therefore, the planning and execution of the Kindergarten syllabus should be done with extreme care and perfection. The curriculum should follow the lines of the curriculum for playgroup and curriculum for nursery. It is important that as school authority, you should look into the finest details of the Kindergarten curriculum.

The Kindergarten syllabus in India functions on a set of rules and regulations that are laid down by the education authorities. The curriculum may be affiliated to or may be based on certain boards or councils. However, every Kindergarten school is expected to adhere to certain norms and conditions. The teachers that are selected to teach the KG school are also expected to be trained and certified to teach these classes. There are basic certification courses in India and various curriculums also have their add-on certifications and training sessions for teachers.

It is expected that the Kindergarten curriculum is framed by taking into account the age group of 3-5 year olds and is drafted by consulting experts in the education field. Introduction to verbal and written skills needs to be done through proper techniques. The higher and lower kindergarten syllabus in India

ideally comprises of language, art, introductory Math and activities related to logical reasoning, memory development and motor skill development. Since 3-5 years is a crucial phase for the development of the child, it is important that the response of the children is observed and recorded by the teachers and children are encouraged to participate actively in various activities. Regular and constructive interaction between parents and teachers through workshops and meetings is also an essential aspect of the Kindergarten curriculum.

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