Curriculum for Playgroup in India

You can adopt existing curriculum for your play school or you can design an exclusive customized curriculum. Nowadays there are education consultants and organizations that offer ready curriculums that are customized thus complimenting the kindergarten syllabus in India so as to facilitate the education in a variety of boards in the future years of school life.  Play school is the first stage of education in the life of kids. They are in a very tender phase and are just getting to learn the concepts like school, teacher, education and studies.

 Mostly the play school curriculum just orients the kids to a brief introduction to various aspects of school life. It could be activities like learning and reciting poetry, interacting with peers through a variety of group and individual activities and exploring themselves and the world around them through interactive games and the audio visual media. There are certain norms that need to be followed for playgroup curriculum and lesson plans in India.

 Play school education emphasizes more on fun and learning occurs in that process. The curriculum provides the scope to teachers to observe and assess the developmental milestones in the child. There are no marks or grades in most of the play school. Teachers discuss the development of the children with the parents. The curriculum also demands that the teachers need to be trained in teaching the tiny tots. Various play schools provide add-ons like festive celebrations, extracurricular activities, picnics and outings in their school.

There are various activities like salad making, fancy dress and many more to introduce fun and enhance social and motor skills of the kids. Thus the play school curriculum provides complete scope to make the curriculum interesting and innovative in all aspects.  You can also buy color preschool curriculum manuals to introduce them in your play school. 

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