early childhood education in India – introduction

The evolution in preschool education is constantly updated with changes. There are several efforts by interested teachers and facilitators to create a well structured ground for schools meant for preschoolers. As this stands as a major spring board to cultivate the best in children, it is of utmost importance to formalize the functioning of a preschool. The early childhood education here in India is also about enriching value for education to the under privileged. Government too is setting up anganwadis and cultivating the best for students by giving their best.

Education is a fundamental right and privilege of every child. As the scope of awareness is highlighted for all classes and masses, the need for good preschools is very much catching up. The education arena as an institute is now formalizing several avenues. There are play method activities, daily syllabus and phonetics which are now getting more formal in its approach and implementation.

Training teachers too is a very methodological process which is now getting more evolved. A well equipped classroom and an enriching syllabus is now possible with so many consultants helping with their inputs.  The foundation via early childhood education is very much necessary in the formative years.

It is great to note that teaching aids too are getting modernized. Research indicates that until the age of five, children’s brains are constantly being developed. Hence, a syllabus that is simple yet comprehensive is effective to help them get the right skills. A good learning atmosphere makes it very easy for children to adapt and it is easy for teachers to implement the syllabus. A personalized and individual approach is required to ensure development standards in each child. The syllabus is also modified to achieve the same. An assessment too needs a lot of change and understanding which is now seen in the way schools are doing it.